Indium: Flexible technology metal

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Indium is ubiquitous. In your cell phone, in LCD displays, in nanotechnology, and in the forecasts for the special metals most in demand in the coming decades.


In its pure form, the silvery-white metal indium is so soft that you can flatten it with your hand. If you try to bend it, you can hear a crunching sound known as a "tin scream." It is due to the internal friction of lattice planes sliding against each other. If indium is bent too much, it shatters into crystals.

The melting point of indium is 156.6 °C, one of the lowest of all metals; only mercury and gallium are lower. Indium is liquid over a very wide range of 2,000 °C. In this state, like gallium, it leaves a thin film on glass. Toxic properties are not known.

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Very positive forecasts from independent experts and institutions.
Indium currently has no alternative for many electronic applications.
Triumph of LCD displays, smartphones and solar cells continues.
Buy indium now, because the price level may rise sharply in the foreseeable future.

Facts about Indium!

Indium, discovered around 150 years ago, is perhaps the only high-tech metal to which a monument has been dedicated. In Freiberg, Saxony, a bronze plaque on Schlossplatz square reminds us that the triumphant advance of the globally coveted raw material began at the local mining academy. Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymus Richter had noticed an indigo blue spectral line when examining zinc sulphide. This was so brilliant, sharp and persistent" that they concluded it was a previously unknown metal.

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Melting point156,6 °C
Boiling point2.080 °C
Technology metal Indium

Extraction of indium

The world's existing resources of indium are estimated at 16,000 tons. However, only about two-thirds of this can be mined economically. In elemental form, indium occurs only very rarely, so it is extracted almost exclusively as a by-product in the production of zinc or lead from sulphide ores.

If zinc containing indium is dissolved in dilute acids, indium sulphate can be obtained from the residues. Subsequent electrolysis of the aqueous solution of this substance produces indium. Refining to high-purity indium, which is traded in ingots, is accomplished by a zone smelting process.


LCD displays
Thin-film photovoltaics

1 Glass plates coated with indium tin are an important component of many displays. In TV sets alone, the LCD share is around 90 %.

2 Indium tin oxide is used as a current conductor in organic light-emitting diodes, touch screens and solar cells.

3 CIGS (copper, indium, gallium, diselenide) technology gives manufacturers the highest current yield and efficiency.

4 Indium phosphide nanowires are used in highly sensitive photodetectors or optical switches.

Other applications at a glance: Medical technology, bearings in jet engines.

Expert tip

„There can be no two opinions here - clear buy recommendation! Indium is one of the technology metals that will also be in demand in the long term, because it can hardly be replaced. In terms of price, indium is currently at a level where the opportunities clearly outweigh the risks.

The very low price at the moment is mainly due to the fact that China has mined in stock and flooded the market with three times the annual consumption, but even these capacities will be used up at some point. While demand continues to grow steadily, experts predict that demand will grow by 10% by 2021 alone, and could explode again by 2030.“ Thomas Grob, Tradium


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