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Germany's best gold and precious metal dealer

Golden Gates enjoys "most trusted" among its customers

In issue 49/2020, Golden Gates Edelmetalle AG was awarded the consumer rating "most trusted". For one year, experts analysed statements made by customers on the Internet regarding respectability, trust, quality and recommendation at around 17,000 companies from a wide range of industries. The results were clear: Golden Gates Edelmetalle AG enjoys being "most trusted" among its customers and therefore received this coveted award from Focus Money and DEUTSCHLAND TEST.

Germany's best gold and precious metals dealers.

After being named "Growth Champion" four times in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and achieving top rankings in recent years in the major test of gold savings plans, Golden Gates once again has reason to celebrate: the precious metals trader based in Görlitz was named "Germany's Best Gold and Precious Metals Trader" in the study "The Best in Leisure" by Focus Money and Deutschland Test. With 100 points, the company achieved the full score and was the only one in its sector to be awarded the "Germany's Best" seal. Golden Gates thus underpins its exceptional position as an innovative supplier of precious metals whose sales concepts have their finger on the pulse of the needs of the target group.

Focus Money Test: Top marks for GOLDEN GATES purchase orders

The experts from FOCUS MONEY again took a close look at the providers of gold savings plans in 2019. GOLDEN GATES is among the providers with the best conditions on the market. For prices and delivery, the best rate of "Excellent" was given and the overall rating was "Very good".

Once "Excellent", four times "Very Good"

This makes it all the more important to have objective tests that take a close look at the conditions concerning consumer interests. FOCUS MONEY did just that in July 2019, with very pleasing results for us and our customers. Overall, the offer of GOLDEN GATES was rated "Very Good" and delivery as well as prices even received the best rate of "Excellent". In the transparency category, the company also ranks among the best providers on the market according to the experts surveyed."

Focus Money - The most comprehensive study of customer ratings in the leisure industry

The Focus Money study pursued a clear goal which was to find out which companies and brands Germans particularly trust by systematically and comprehensively evaluating customer opinions on the web. To this reason, data from 350 million online sources (websites, news sites, forums, social media channels, etc.) was compiled during the initial stage as part of the so-called crawling process and was systematically evaluated within the second stage. The project was scientifically supervised by the International School of Management (ISM).

FOCUS MONEY with excellent rating for GOLDEN GATES Gold Savings Plans

In a wide-ranging, empirically-based test, the experts of FOCUS MONEY scrutinized providers of gold savings plans. The results from last year could even be somewhat improved. GOLDEN GATES is among the providers with the best conditions on the market. For prices and delivery the best rating "Excellent" was given, within the evaluation service improved to "very good". The overall rating was "Very Good".